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Надежда, 40
Санкт-Петербург, Ленинградская область, Россия
Олег, 26
Минск, Минская область, Беларусь
Nataliya, 40. Днепропетровск, Днепропетровская область, Украина
Знакомство с Nataliya . Найти партнера в Днепропетровск Украина
Ник: Queenofstars
Пол: Женщина
Возраст: 40
Знак зодиака:  Рак
Ищу: Мужчину
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Имя: NataliyaИндекс (только США): 0
Страна: Украина Регион: Днепропетровская область Город: Днепропетровск
Владение языками: Английский, Русский
Вес: 62kg (136.69 Lbs) 
Рост: 175cm (5.74 ft) 

Познакомлюсь с:
Я ищу: Мужчину в возрасте: 38 - 60 лет
Цель знакомства: Дружба и общение, Любовь и романтические отношения, Брак и создание семьи, Деловые отношения

О себе:
Hi Men! I am Nataliya looking for my special one, one and for ever)!
I was born in military man family and I always saw my parents love each other and get through all troubles together hand by hand. This influenced my poinf of view on family, men and relationship very much. So I am interested in long term relationship and feel ready to make my own family. The only what I miss is you!
My interests:
During last five years bellydance is my most hobby. I learned this ancient seduction art created even my own dance school.
Most of all I like to travel seeing new places, meeting new people.
I like to learn and study something most of my leasure time!
This influenced my profeccional choise greatly. I work in foreign affirs sphere (import, export, etc.)
I like art in all its aspects: theatre, painting, museums, art exhibitions and prefer in my free days to go somewhere I can get positive emotions and enjoy beauty and intellect.
I like nature very much, can spend hous just watching trees, clouds, water, mountains.
In my relationship with people I strive to get the garmony and be positive. But also I can fight for my interests, my dear ones and I am able to protect myself.

Though all my achievements do not make me completely happy until I meet you one day, my dear one. I believe family, love and friendship are most values in life and all you do and achieved must be devouted to somebody and shared with dear people.

Whatever interest you fell in my personality I wish you good luck and searching of your personal happiness since if we are happy we make this world much better and light.

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